Friday, January 27, 2006

We Moved!!!

Shocking, I know. We moved again. Fortunately, in cyberspace it is not much in terms of physical space. Hopefully you have found us again, come for an open house if you will. I will leave the other blog there for a bit, but it makes the Mister uncomfortable because I had used our name in the url. Sorry, honey, I just thought it would be easier for our loved ones to remember. I forgot to be appropriately paranoid. Silly girl.

Anything Else Interesting in Our Life?

Um, nah. Took the boys to the Children's Museum today with the C's. Mr. C works with the Mister. Oldest C is in Eldest's class at school and they get on great. Princess C is just 3. She loves running after the big boys. INBA (I'm Not a Baby Anymore) is 4 and has no use for younger kids, let alone girls. I don't really know what to do about that. We went to see the Arthur exhibit (the boys had been bugging me for probably 2 weeks) and they spent a grand total of 2 minutes there. Across the hall in the Garage they spent a good hour. They were mostly dropping things (various parachute-type stuff) off the second level and watching the big kids (that wouldn't share without adult pressure) put balls through the ball machine. It would have been a perfect time if Eldest was not on his current independence kick. Running off and ignoring me and when I ask him to stop doing something, "OK" until he thinks I am not looking and does whatever, again. SO INFURIATING.

I Need a Day OFF!

The Mister and I have a date tomorrow night, maybe I can get him to occupy the kids in the morning so that I can be in a good mood still at 4 when the sitter comes. I may have to bribe him. I won't mention with what because his Mom might read this... he is her baby, after all.

Oh, I Just Remembered.

I have knitting tonight. I will be in a somewhat better mood tomorrow. Something about getting together with other artistic, creative, vivacious women just invigorates my spirit.

But I still want a day off.

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