Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blinded by Celebrity

I have been remiss. Not deliberately. Not only is my fabulous friend, Alison Hess, a wonderful author, but so is my fabulous former neighbor, Mike Harkins! Maybe it is because Mike is waaay over there, maybe it is just ordinary for me to have such talented, creative people swirling in my circle of friends. Either way, it is more good stuff to read. Mike's book is here. And once I figure out how to get the kindle edition (have I ever mentioned how much I *heart* my kindle?!!) I will be reading it next. But over here, you can read his work in a zine full of good stuff. Double bonus? This issue is free! You can read it on your computer or any other kind of reading device you have. I put that on my kindle, too, and ignored my kids and husband for a good while after dinner last week. Triple bonus. Ok, what else? We are hard core toddler here. How did I ever forget what toddler-hood is? And, Lil'OnE is not even two, yet! Already we have a potty chair that she likes too much to P in. I have deduced this from too many puddles right next to the chair. She is adamant, in incomprehensible syllables, about "how this is going to go." And she is the friendliest little thing you have ever seen. I think we go around just making people's day. Seriously, how many kids blow kisses to the cashiers at Giant Eagle? Now just to keep her from becoming cynical. With me as her mom. hmm. Wish us luck. Our Summer Calendar is getting full. I feel like the summer is almost over before it even gets here. The boys are going to scout camp, but two different weeks this year. Eldest crossed over to Boy Scouts, INBA is a Webelos now. I made our reservations for our annual trip to Ohiopyle. We have another Wedding to travel to in June. INBA is going to take another reading enrichment class. Cousins are coming to visit, the boys are going to go visit other cousins. And then school starts! I sure hope we can fit in a couple days at Grandma's pool. Isn't it only March?!? I'm not complaining, really. Just marveling at how and why the time passes so quickly. So, today, I am going to make scones and have a cuppa tea with a friend. I am going to do laundry and maybe dust the living room. I think dinner should go in the crock pot, right now. I have a million little things on my todo list. But this morning, at least, I am going to take it slow. Feel free to do the same.

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sligo said...

you're too good to me. miss y'all, and thanks for the mention (even though i'm slow to get here...)