Monday, October 06, 2008

Fireworks and Stuff

Pittsburgh is 250 years old. So they had a big fireworks display. This isn't the prettiest video on YouTube, but it gives some of the best sense of all the fire. They launched from something like 12 or 14 places, including the tops of several of the tallest buildings. If you look, you see the Allegheny River going up the center of this video, and if you look even closer, you can see the furthest fireworks are being launched from a barge up the Allegheny, in front of PNC Park (which you definately cannot make out in the video, too dark, but trust me, it is there.) The Mister and I were on the Clemente Bridge behind that barge. This video does no justice to the noise down where we were! Wow. Bang, Bang, Pow!

The ultra Fabulous Laurie babysat the boys on Saturday so that The Mister and I could celebrate our Anniversary (a little early) by going to the POPS concert. I talked the Mister into another subscription :) Hey, we have limited amounts of date nights left before we are cut off and severely limited by a bambino (which is all his fault, if I haven't mentioned it before.) So, we watched Marvin Hamlisch conduct the PSO and Linda Eder sing Judy Garland songs. The concert ended just in time for the Fireworks. We stayed and watched. 30 solid minutes of what the video only shows a smidgen. Quite a night.

I guess I owe Laurie a really great dinner... with lots of vegetables. Thanks again, Laurie!!

Otherwise, still no knitting. But, thanks to Heather, I did just read The Time Traveler's Wife. Wow, great recommendation. An interesting and engaging style of storytelling, to be sure.


LaurieG said...

Nonsense, I'm always happy to stay with the guys. We had a great time.

Rani said...

Oh, congrats on that little heartbeat. WOW!

Sounds like a good time you had. And don't fret, that knitting can wait.